1984 Aironic 2000 Air Purifier Design

Designed by Graeme MacDonald at Design Field

Made by Aironic in Sydney

Released in 1985

A very early product in the air-purifier market. It used a backward curved centrifugal fan to push air though 3M Filtrete electrostatic filters and carbon filters. Air was ionised at exit using 3 ioniser needles powered by a jacobs ladder high voltage circuit.

Assembly was all snap-together except from 2 screws required for electrical certification and 4 for the motor. Tooling for the mouldings cost over $300,000 in 1984 - enough to buy 4 houses in Sydney at the time. Tooling was done by M.F. Dippert at Belrose. Max Dippert was well respected for the quality of his work and the size of project he could handle.

The Aironic 2000 was in continuous continuous production from 1985 until 2007.



Aironic 2000 Design